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Broma aterradora de Halloween

Video Increíble: un hombre con motosierra asusta a la gente en garaje de centro comercial,es una broma de Halloween
  It must be Halloween when people with chainsaws are dismembering victims to scare people in a parking garage. YouTube stars Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Nick Santonastasso partnered in a horrifying online video prank to make people believe a young man was bring brutalized by another with a chainsaw. As the video's "victim," Santonastasso is crawling through a parking garage and at one point is suspended in air as his "attacker," Zdorovetskiy — dressed in a mask and bloody white shirt, jeans and an apron — uses the device to cut off his "limbs." When unlucky customers stumble onto the scene, they all scream and run away in terror. Santonastasso, 18, from Bayville, N.J., was born with Hanhart syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition, in which he has no legs and only one arm. He explained in a YouTube video about his life and says he is 100% healthy. It was explained to them and they were all cool about it. They thought it was a super prank. The YouTube star has built a following by creating prank videos, and told the Daily News he had always been a huge fan of Zdorovetskiy’s work. The two mutual fans got in touch and Zdorovetskiy asked the teenager if he would play a part in his new video. The pair filmed and edited the stunt in one day and posted it online, where it has received more than 25 million views in a few days. Though the people in the Beverly Hills garage were incredibly scared, the crew quickly chased after them and told them it was just a prank. The petrified passersby then signed releases allowing them to be in the video. “It was explained to them and they were all cool about it,” he said. “They thought it was a super prank.”
  • Broma aterradora de Halloween
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